Bluebird Trail

Several  women golfers initiated the Bluebird Trail with the idea of enhancing  our landscape with custom-built bluebird houses,  simultaneously establishing an on-going source of contributions to the  Las Campanas Community Funds. 

Bluebird houses may be found along  Clubhouse Drive, on property belonging to the Las Campanas Owners  Association, and on the property of members and owners. These houses are  placed by our Golf Superintendent and aviary expert Tom Egelhoff and  engraved by member Susie Rettig.

If you would like to sponsor a  home for a Bluebird and become part of this tradition, please contact  Karen Lansing at  

The following options are available:

$125 -  Bluebird house, engraved by Susie Rettig and installed on the Bluebird Trail or golf course by Tom Egelhoff.  

$100  -  Bluebird house engraved by Susie Rettig, but not installed.  Instructions will be included on how to place the house on your  own  property along with a list of people who can be hired to help with  installation.

Please make your check payable to the Las Campanas  Community Funds, indicating the option and engraving instructions, and  mail to:

LCCF, c/o Karen Lansing, 95 Paseo Aragon, Santa Fe, NM 87506